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  • Excadz is NOT a MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick program website. We do not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate in our site. We do not require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service. You are not required to refer anyone to our website to use our services.

    Excadz is a GPT internet advertising program in which you receive payment solely on the work you perform.
    Excadz is a GPT site where users earn money for their activities. Our script is coded from scratch by taking PTC users advices and besed on members & advertisers preferences, you will find numerous ways to earn here.

          ● $1.00 Minimum Cashout
          ● Earn up to $0.02 per click
          ● Earn up to $0.01 per referral click
          ● Instant Payments Via Payza, Paypal
    If you are looking to promote your product or services, this is the right place for you. With competitive prices and the ability to reach thousands of potential customers, you’ll get the traffic you always wanted!

          ● Multiple Advertising Options
          ● 24 Hours Unique Hits
          ● Advance Anti Cheat Protection
          ● Geographical Tragating & Live Stats

    Win Cash

    Oct 08, 2018

    Weekly Click Contest Each Week, the top 1 clickers will be awarded $1 Cash. Monthly Referral Contest Each Month the top referring member will receive $2 Cash. All you have to do is promote your Referral URL to start getting...

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